Thursday, March 03, 2011

calling for "UPDATES"

hmmm...bullet point form sounds good to update you so ready, set, go!
  • we took Eli to the doctor today for his 18 month check up and as always we were welcomed by the nurse saying and I quote "WOW that's a big 18 month old!" His stats prove that true weighing in at 30lbs (90%) and 34 1/2 inches (97%). Honestly this doesn't surprise me as my MIL has told me that Daniel was also always a big boy! I figured Eli would follow right in his footsteps and he has. In fact I think Eli might be a little bit bigger.
  • we also went to the doctor today for baby # 2 (yea knock out those appointments all in one day!) Baby # 2's heartbeat was 153. Both baby and myself checked out great. We got to set the BIG appointment for when we will find out if baby is a boy or a girl. I have my suspicions (as I did with Eli) of what the sex of this one is but I won't share (some of you already know =)). We will know on April 1st.
  • I felt the baby move for the first time this week. I thought for sure this was a little too soon, but after doing some research on the trusty ole internet (jokingly said) it seems that with the more you have, the quicker you can feel them move partly because you actually know what it feels like to have a baby squirming around inside of you. And while we are on that note, while we were at the doctor today and the tech was trying to find the baby's heartbeat, she noted that we have a very active baby. She could hear him/her moving all around in my tummy. I think it's because we had just eaten a big lunch and the baby was getting energy from that!
  • school is going beautifully for Daniel. He said this semester is his favorite one so far. His load is not as heavy this time as last semester, so it seems as if he can enjoy it more. Hard for me to believe he only has 2 semesters left after this semester (and the couple of classes he will take in the summer). Seminary has gone by pretty fast!
  • for all those who have asked, YES I am still running (when I can drag my lazy booty out of bed and hit the gym). With the below freezing temps everyday here, the gym is the ONLY place I have been running. I run about 4 to 5 times a week. On a good week I do it 6 times. Once spring starts budding (no pun intended) its head, the boys and I will be hitting the pavement! Oh how I look forward to this day.
  • cravings...not really anything specific just FOOD! I have been having this weird desire for candy. Like jolly ranchers and hot tamales. I don't usually want candy (like Daniel) but for some reason it has been really appealing to me.
  • we will be seeing family and friends in the South real soon (enough said on that)
  • madie is doing good. getting lots of hugs and love taps from Eli. =) she also has gotten to cruise in our sweet new ride which she LOVES all the space. we made her her own little pallet in the back which she really seems to enjoy.
  • and lastly...I am PATIENTLY (or not so patiently) waiting for our girl scout cookies to arrive at our front door. We had a girl come by our condo early January. Daniel is a sucker for kiddos & girl scout cookies so we bought a few, okay I lied FIVE boxes of them. It's March and they STILL aren't here. hmmmm....don't mess with a pregnant woman and her girl scout cookies!
Sorry no pics. I have just been forgetting to pull out the camera as we are always cooped up inside due to the cold temps/snow :( We are hoping for visits to the park and play area at the end of this month or beginning of next. I am sure that will present MANY photo opts!

That's it!

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