Saturday, December 11, 2010

Through the Years

8 years. Yup that is how long it has been since I went on the first date with the man I now call my husband, companion and father of our son. Wow!

We were just two kids (16 & 19) looking for love, not knowing that it would be with each other.

What a wonderful 8 years we have had. My love for this man grows deeper every day.

That Brad Paisley song about loving more is so true. I do love him more than our first "I love you" and the day we said "I do".

What a crazy fun 8 years it has been. I couldn't imagine anyone better to spend it with than him. We've grown from a family of 2 to 3 and (Lord willing) one day will add many many more! :)

I have just added random pictures throughout the years (honestly the one's I could find quickly), so sit back and enjoy some of our memories!


Here is that Brad Paisley song I was talking about earlier in the post...

Thank you Daniel for first and foremost putting Christ first in your life, but also loving me and asking me to be your bride on this wild ride we call life!

I love you!

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Ashley W said...

Sweet! Thanks for making me cry..