Saturday, December 11, 2010


Today is a very special day. It is the birthday of a man I love so dearly and WISH I could be there to throw my arms around his neck! This man has been in my life since my first breath. He has loved and cared for me. He was the first man I ever loved.

My love and appreciation for him has gone even deeper since I have become a grown up--but even more since I have become a parent. The love for your child is so hard to describe. The best way is to just experience it.

Throw back...

For a man who doesn't love AT ALL to have his picture taken, I have found quiet a few here to share with you. (he is going to kill me for this next one!)

He is hard working, but NEVER missed an event for his kiddos.

Our family has grown a lot the past few years, and he loves his sons & daughter in law like his own!

And is good to us...

And he recently (15 months ago) became Big K (aka Grandpa) to a little boy that just adores him!

I was privileged enough to have him walk me down the aisle and lift my vail.

Every time I think of my Daddy I smile. I love the man of God he is. Thank you Daddy for being who you are and loving us through it all.

This song below reminds me of my dad and myself.

I love you Dad and will always be your little girl. Hope you have a fabulous day (weekend)!

**fun fact-Daniel met my Dad for the first time 8 years ago today. We were at my parents church where I was in a Christmas play. I got up on stage and announced his birthday and insisted the whole congregation sing Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a sweet message Magen. I love you very much and may God continue His blessings on you and your young family as he has mine.


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