Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Surgical Glue & $64.00 later...

we are okay! E-man had an accident this morning where he hit the coffee table & busted his eyebrow open. I was at a meeting when it happened. I didn't have my cell phone on me, but as soon as I got out I checked my phone & had 3 missed calls from Daniel & a text that said "call me". Immediately my heart started racing..i seem to always jump to worst case scenario in my head. Called Daniel back as quick as possible with only to hear the words "were going to the doctor...." I JUMPED in my car as fast as I possible could & sped home. I was a nervous wreck the whole time. When I walked in...sure enough his eyebrow was split open & looked pretty bad to me. D was covered in blood as well as E-man. I leaped into the car with the boys & off to the doc we went. The doc said it looked pretty bad, but could fix it with surgical glue. Okay never want to relieve that again...holding down a VERY active boy who is screaming like crazy=no fun! After that E-man was happy as ever! So glad it's over. Thank you Lord for protecting our little boy from something that could have been worse! here is the picture I snapped with my iphone on the way to the doctor. Daniel said the blood was pouring all down his face. this is after it had been cleaned up!

notice the blood on his shirt



Anonymous said...

Head wounds always look worse than they are and they bleed a ton!

Ashley said...

Wow! Poor little man! Made me cry :'( So glad he is okay! Hope Mommy & Daddy are doing okay too!