Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the great outdoors

I promise one day we will be back to "normal" and I will sit down and really catch this blog up. So many things are going on that I want to share, but I guess they will have to wait. Life has been fast paced (but in a good way). Our last week with family & friends here in the good ole south is wrapping up. It's bitter sweet. I want to stay here and continue catching up with everyone, but at the same time I miss our new life in the "midwest"(--side note...who knows why they call it the midwest because honestly I don't think of it as that!--).

This past week we went to the mountains with D's family. It was great to enjoy the outdoors...E-man had a blast for sure! a few pictures we captured...

I think after this trip I have realized (i know i can't believe i am about to say this) i'm ready for Eli to start walking. Carrying him (on an hour the sling of course) was tiring...a great workout...but tiring. I feel like he is close. Some days i am glad he can't walk.


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Jamie and Joy George said...

those are great pic's. Looks like you had a fun time! There are lots of upsides to him walking, but then b/c he's more mobile - he wants to be more "independent".