Thursday, May 27, 2010


it has been a crazy 5 months. I feel like things are beginning to settle down just in time for them to pick back up again :) In the last 5 months we have
  • moved across the country (really up but whose getting technical)
  • left the comfort of what we did call "home"--our family, church home and friends
  • been through a VERY cold winter
  • started seminary
  • began a new job
  • moved into a new condo
  • found a church
  • met MANY new people
all while trying to be fully devoted followers of Christ as we raise a precious little boy that God has graciously entrusted us with.

I feel like somedays if we took that test "what is your stress level?" ours would be really high with all the change and newness. It has truly been a wonderful learning experience and we are so grateful to step out in faith (not having a place to live, work, $$ just 10 months ago) and "ride" on this journey God has set for us.

Today officially ends my 2 weeks of working 45+ hours while still being a mommy and wife. When we moved here I got a part time job to make ends meet helping this family out in the mornings and evenings, which meant I got to spend the days with my boys. It was a nice fit, but the driving was too much. I spent close to 2 hours (per day) 3 days a week just in driving. As I began praying for what God might have us to do...well low and behold he pretty much THREW this other job in my lap. Before I interviewed I thought well Lord if this is your will then I will trust you to work all the minor details out like...we would be in the south the whole month of july support raising/visiting family and friends...and well my husband is in seminary so each semester will look different...oh and did I mention I have an (at the time) 8 month old. I thought for sure this guy would move right along with his interview process, but he didn't. I interviewed and was hired on the spot even though there were other candidates. We prayed about it and I took the job. working both jobs has been nice because we have had the extra income we didn't budget for, but im pretty worn out :).

All this has been going on while Daniel began summer school this past monday. Not just any summer school..hard core Hebrew! I mean he was up late last night doing excerises and studying vocab. he had to learn something like 56 HEBREW vocab words for a quiz this morning...daniel only missed one :).

so back to this blessing of a job...what is it you ask and why did i take it when I had one that was very suitable? my new job is an administrative assistant/personal assistant for this guy who runs a ministry for pastors. and the catch??...I work from home. Not only is it a great ministry, but I can work while i'm in my pj's next to my little guy :) I do go in the office a couple of time a week for a few hours to debrief and get more work to do. i feel very blessed for this opportunity to be home with eli while still working. this job also will be wonderful for daniel because he can choose the classes he needs each semester since i make my own work schedule. i can work as few or as many hours as I would like each week.

daniel has been doing some personal training in the mornings which has helped out a good bit too!

God is good! (He would still be good even if He hadn't provided all these things) but we do give HIM all the glory!



Shelbie and Aaron Rose said...

That is amazing! I am so very happy for you guys and happy to hear that things have worked out so well!

Andi said...

SOOO excited for you guys!! Seeing the Lord bless you abundantly, seeing your faithfulness in the hard times, seeing Eli grow into such a beautiful boy...all of it is a joy! to HIM be the glory!! i love you guys!