Sunday, May 02, 2010

8 months & some change...

time is flying but we are having sooo much fun! Our little boy is busy as ever. crawling EVERYwhere & putting anything that he can find in his mouth. We never realized how easy he was until these past couple of weeks when all the sudden he became mobile. we have had to do some serious baby proofing!

we go to the doctor this week for his 8 month check up.

the little guy says "da da" daily but we have yet to get a clear "ma ma" from him. i believe i have heard him say it maybe once but nothing like the clarity of "da da".

he is becoming more and more interested in his sippy cup but we definitely have a ways to go.

the boy and I have been entertaining ourselves since daddy (aka the hubs) is finishing his first semester of seminary (which btw can i tell you that he LOVES it!!!). little man and i went to the park where some of the pics were taken.

im pretty sure we can't get enough of this little guy and feel so blessed by him :)

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