Thursday, January 14, 2010

bake what?

do you ever have writers block? maybe you do maybe you don't...but i do! i get these great ideas in my head throughout the day, but as soon as i sit down to type it won't come out. frustrating. here is what i can get out..
I have learned a lot already about myself living in a different city away from family and friends. I LOVE to bake...okay i know that sounds weird, but really i do. I knew i did before and would bake just here and there, but now it is just different. refreshing. i love a mess on the counter tops & the smell of something in the oven. I have been on a baking high. the past (almost) 2 weeks i have made a fudge pie, homemade sugar cookies (had to chunk them because i tried to substitute something and well...ewww), devils food cake with butter cream frosting, and more homemade sugar cookies (had to redeem myself). And who gets the joy of eating all this?? That's right...DANIEL. He's not complaining (i think he likes it). so much for me giving up sweets for the new year :). Here's to our new adventure and learning more about myself.


Shelbie and Aaron Rose said...

I am so happy that you are getting settled. I can't wait to get away just our little family in about 2 years or so.

Leslie and Daniel Crawford said...

How did you make the picture title at the top???

melissa richie said...

Try these...they're relatively healthy and oh so yummy!!