Thursday, September 10, 2009


yesterday on facebook i posted that basically i needed help on ways to save $$. i got an overwhelming response from so many people (some came out of the woodwork it seems to give their advice) and i must say that many suggestions have already been VERY beneficial!! here's how...

i have just gotten into the coupon thing not really knowing what in the world i am doing. today daniel & i both were just beside ourselves after our visit to target. i have always LOVED target, but thought most of their stuff besides clothing is over priced until now. i didn't know that if you really do your homework you can get some pretty amazing deals...and even get things free!!

we bought all this for $30.62 & got a $10.00 gift card!! I had $11.00 in cash & then put $19.62 on the debit card. Total savings was $41.62, but we should have saved another $1.98 but the coupon messed up (yeah this upset me but i got over it!) How did we do it you ask? well with a little help from this site. She did way better than us (she had some coupons we didn't but i am still learning!) we got the loaves of bread for FREE! they were 0.99 & we had a $1.00 off that's a deal!

on a completely different note, eli is still getting many visitors. Last night Tim, Stephanie & Amanda came to see him. For some crazy reason i didn't take any pics :( so sad but Steph has some! This past Monday we got a visit from Ryan, Sam & Noah. I did get a few snaps in...

The picture below of the mommies & their son's cracks me up because Noah looks so mad at Eli...haha
Best Friends...maybe their son's will be too. who knows

And lastly, our big man is getting cuter and more fun every day! He's working on holding his head up and showing off his bod! :)



Heather said...

Magen, thanks so much for linking to us on your blog! I certainly hope we can help you save even more money! It really is so worth the time and effort you put into it. Before you know you'll be saving $50 and spending $8. So proud of you and Eli is so handsome!!!
PS did you ever get my facebook message about wanting to help with yalls mission work?


Leslie and Daniel Crawford said...

That site is great! I will have to try some saving of my own! :)