Saturday, September 12, 2009

baby body

it's so crazy how different your body is once you have a baby. i am back in my pre-pregnancy clothes but they just don't fit the same. my weight has shifted. that flat tummy that use to be there looks...well...different. I know I's only been 2 weeks (tomorrow) since i had my baby. I guess i just hoped that my body would bounce back immediately (haha that's funny right??).
I gained a total of 26 lbs with Eli. I have lost 16 lbs already with about 10 to go. Nursing is definitely helping and i know it will just take time. I think it is hard for me right now, because honestly i feel great and am ready to run, but doctors orders say i can't run till about 4 weeks. He said at 2 weeks i can start power know i will! Daniel & I are going to be training for either at 10k or a half...we haven't decided just yet. We would LOVE to run the Chicago marathon but i think we will go for a half first!

So i am going to have to be patient and wait...i know i can get back in shape but it just might take a little more time than i hoped. My sister's wedding is 5 weeks from today! I have lots of MOTIVATION!!! :)

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Ashley Davis said...

um, talk to me after five months, ha!