Monday, January 26, 2009


to YOUR questions. I have been asked a series of questions over the past few days that I thought I would just answer on here for those who did ask, and for those who are wondering.

1. How are you feeling? (the number one most asked question) I hate to even tell you how I am feeling because honestly I have 6 friends right now that are pregnant and 5 of the 6 of them were sick...and some VERY sick. But to just get it out there...I feel great! I have been told by the nurses & other fellow mom's to be thankful i feel the way i do! I just paniced because i wasn't feeling bad. I should count it as a blessing i know! I don't even feel pregnant most days. I continue to do my normal workout routine...but of course i am eating more! haha.

2. Do you want a boy or girl? (the second most asked question) We want a healthy baby no matter boy or girl. We would be perfectly happy with either.

3. What are your baby names? Quit frankly...we haven't a clue! we still have a while till we have to decide that so no rush. We have just been throwing names around when they come to us..but nothing is definite!

4. Are you finding out if it is a girl or boy, and if so when? Yes & in 9 weeks so at the end of March beginning of April.

lets see...those are the big 4 right now but if you have any more then just ask! :)


Jaclyn & Zack said...

somehow I missed your last post...and I was like huh? OMG I am sooo sooo happy for you! Congrats on the baby!!

valerie said...

:D SO excited for you!

Have you sat Maddie down and explained to her about getting a new little brother or sister? ;)

Can't wait to see you next week.