Thursday, September 18, 2008

my handy husband...

I am sitting here enjoying When Harry Met Sally (which is a good movie) and i look over to see my sweet husband doing this...
that's right!  he is sewing our bed sheet because it got a small rip a while back and we have just forgotten to fix it.  What a sweetheart he is to do that...and so handy :) Oh and sorry the picture is bad...our camera battery is dead so i took a picture (as quick as I could) with the camera on our computer.

on another note...if you want to see our future niece or nephew just click here!

one more thing.  fall will be here on the 21st of September. i can't wait. i love the cool air fall brings.

ok back to my movie.


1 comment:

BenJAMIN said...

not gonna lie. kind of impressed dan can sew.