Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i guess it's time...

for another update...for all those who actually read.
This weekend my brother & linds got married...yay! They are now enjoying themselves in beautiful Jamaica.
So here is Mr. & Mrs. Shaffer Hewlett

and my favorite picture of the day...
They rode away in the cutest carriage!
Lets see what else...Oh yeah Daniel and I found out today that on April 29th we will become an aunt & uncle.  Daniel's brother (Andrew) and his wife (Jen-Yu) are expecting their first little one :)

I have 3 weeks of work left...yikes!

One of my dear friends Brooke is moving to Colorado in a week...i'm trying not to cry!

Brooke, Leslie (my sis), Lindsey (sis-in-law) & me

Oh and i have a FUNNY story to like i said my brother got married this past weekend and we hit the moment in the ceremony when everyone was in their place waiting for the bride to walk in.  Let me interject that the ring bearer and flower girl were both standing on stage doing so well.  The flower girl is 2 years old and soo precious (and so is her family!)
So getting back to the story...we were all in place...and in that moment when all was quiet in the chapel, the flower girl just all the sudden says (were everyone could hear...because it was so quiet) "i done"...and walked off stage to sit with her mommy and daddy.  It was one of those priceless moments you won't ever forget.  Every single person in the room giggled.  I thought i was going to loose it standing on stage, but i managed to keep it together (some how :)).  Anyway it was so cute, and i was sad Lindsey had to miss it, but she was waiting to walk in.  
She was a beautiful, very petite bride.  I must say it is a little strange to see a ring on my brothers finger...but I'm sure i will get use to it just like i got use to daniel's.

well...i guess that is it for now. 


Dana and Chris Sheheane said...

You look so beautiful and your sister in law in precious! And thanks for the update b/c i always look at your blog!! :) love, dana

the smiths said...

That is too funny-kids!! Also, their carriage looks so pretty, what a fun way to leave! So classy!!!
Only 3 more weeks of work!? That is insane!

Ellen said...

haha that is hilarious! I wish I could have seen that. I would have peed in my pants! I also think it is weird seeing a ring on his finger... wow life is flying by. Can I see you before you leave for so long??

deenanour said...

AWWWWW! She's adorable!!!!