Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday MOM!

I am almost in tears right now because I feel like the WORST daughter in the world. I completely forgot to call and wish my mom a happy birthday today.  In fact I didn't remember until she called me (at 7:30pm) to tell me something unrelated! Ugh! How sad am i.  I will say we had an eventful day...running the bleachers for exercise, changing oil & the battery in the car and then the BIG uh-oh.  You see my dear husband was changing the oil in our car (because he says it's cheaper or something) and left his cell phone on the top of the car.  Then he told me he was headed to Advanced Auto Parts to get a new battery.  Cool...until he got home, came inside and sat down and said (and i quote) "Baby, I did something really bad!" Ok girls, when your husband says that...well I didn't know what to think.  I said "did you get in a wreck", "are you Ok"...and so on.  Then he proceeded to explained that his cell phone was in a million pieces on the side of a BUSY road. "OOO i see" i said.  We immediately scrambled to figure out what we were gonna do...and to make a long story short, Daniel got a new phone...and an iphone i might add.  it's pretty sweet and i can't get him off of it already!

Anyway going back to what this WHOLE post is MOM.  Today is her birthday!  This lady is amazing.  The best mom (well i am a lil bias).  She is always there for me...always loving me no matter what i do.  Mom...hears to you! I love you and hope you have a VERY happy birthday.  She went shopping today i know :) and Dad is taking her to the beach either next weekend or the one after that!  Oh and daniel says happy birthday too! 
ok that's all...i'm off to bed cause we have a long day tomorrow!

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