Thursday, September 25, 2008

bowling fun

Daniel and I have been praying for ways to get connected in our church...especially with people our age, and God has begun to open those is sooo exciting! Let me explain...since i worked in the children's area every Sunday, we were limited to interaction with other couples in the same phase of life as us. Now that i am part-time, i don't have to be in the children's area anymore, so we have been thrilled to get to know couples in our community group. Last night we had a fun night BOWLING!

the whole gang!
Kevin & Leann
Josh & Lauren

us :)

and our first preggo couple in the group (16 weeks) Jake & Alana :)

We had so much fun and look forward to more opportunities to share with them!

On another note...we leave for Colorado 2 weeks from TOMORROW! We're pretty excited.

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Ellen said...

I am looking for that same thing... connections with people who are in the same time of life