Tuesday, August 12, 2008


no my surprise is not like this... but just as good :)

I got to wake up this morning to the comforting voice of my sweet husband saying "happy anniversary baby!" there is no other place i can think of that I would want to be that moment. As he held me close, (and I began to become coherent) i whispered in his ear..."happy anniversary"!

WOW...2 years! Never thought it would go by this fast, but as i was telling (over a text) to a friend...it gets better every day. I honestly didn't think I could love anyone like i love Daniel. real love.

As I was at work, Daniel sent me a message and all it said was...be ready by 5:00. OH a surprise...I love (but at the same time if it is possible) hate surprises. I said ok...and 5:00 couldn't get there quick enough! When I got home, my dear mother-in-law had a card laid out for Daniel and I wishing us a happy anniversary...she is so thoughtful :)

After being welcomed by Madie (if you have ever experienced this you know what i am talking about)...Daniel led me to this...

he had bought me flowers...and wrote me the sweetest note! (and yes I did cry in case you were wondering.)
Then I got ready as quick as possible and then headed to dinner. I was so surprised & the food was perfect.
Daniel was showing me the "proper" way to drink sweet tea.

you know my obsession with coffee BUT i did opt for decaf :)
after dinner we got this (which by the way was complementary because it was our anniversary)

what a great day...couldn't ask for more.
that's all


Anonymous said...

congrats on the 2 years Magen and Dan!!
Love Jeri Kay

the smiths said...

Congrats again! :) Looks like yall had a nice evening... :) and MMMmmmmm sweet tea! Can't wait to have some of that again...the REAL stuff! LOL

Ellen said...

aww little sweet one... that dessert looks really good. Did you go to Ruths Chris?? I love that place!! You look beautiful!! Miss you when are you going tou going to come down??

Michelle said...

Awww, thank you...and I am so glad you had a good day!!!