Thursday, August 14, 2008

God knows & God cares...

It's so funny sometimes when your having a bad day or just feel down & out, how the Lord sends people your way to encourage you.  Sometimes they don't even know that you need a word of encouragement but do it because they felt lead too!
Last week i meet with a dear lady who has fought the good fight and has served God faithfully for some many years.  She invited me to her house to pray for our ministry and enjoy just some good ole time in fellowship.  I could sit there and listen for hours & hours (and I did) to all the many trials, struggles, joys, hurts and such that have come her way throughout her life.  This lady is just one who is about half my size, but her personality is so infectious (and a prayer warrior).  Anyway she sent me a sweet word of encouragement last week and thought to pass it on to some of you...who knows, maybe you will find some encouragement in it. 

Here's an excerpt from the email as she painted this picture with words...
   a girl in a bathing suit was walking on the beach in the sunshine holding an open umbrella over her head.  why would anyone try to get a suntan on the beach carrying an umbrella over their head to block the sun rays from reaching them?  Then she went on to say we as Christians do the same type of thing all the time.  Anytime we become so obsessed with something that it becomes the most important thing in our life, it becomes an umbrella between us and God.  Therefore, it prevents us from receiving all the blessings that God wants to shower down on us!
enough said for me :)

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Michelle said...

I needed that today! Thanks! I love you!