Monday, August 25, 2008


my excuse for not blogging is a small four letter word...LIFE.  Between wedding parties, birthday parties, spending time with family, friends, girl time, work, babysitting, and spending time with my hubby I honestly have not found time to blog.  hopefully things will slow down soon...well now that i think about it I don't think they will.  I'm going to the beach this weekend.  Shaffer & Linds are getting married in less than 3 weeks, and then Daniel and I ship out of here for our 6 weeks trip to Colorado.  It will be December before we know it!  I am looking forward to Fall...probably my favorite season!

On a different subject i have begun reading Redeeming Love which is a great book so far.  I will probably spend much of my free time in that since i can hardly put it down. to girls bible study!


Chels said...

Let me know how the Bible study goes. Melissa was telling me about it and I wish I lived in Bham to be able to come.

Anonymous said...

Redeeming love is great and maybe you can understand me a little more once you read it. Love you and have missed you AND your blogging!

Which Bible Study do you do to? I am doing Fran Sciacca's on Monday Mornings, love it!