Thursday, July 03, 2008

Who doesn't like Mexican Food?

I mean seriously, there are not that many people who live on planet earth that don't like mexican food (or at least that I know of). No it's not the healthiest thing in the world, but you have got to splurge sometimes to keep your sanity! So tonight Daniel and I did just that...we went on a very enjoyable date :) We actually headed out with our sites set on the Melting Pot, but as we pulled in we noticed this little mexican restaurant (and all of the sudden I got a craving for it). It was very quaint where Daniel and I had a nice & cozy table away from the crowds so that we could enjoy each other. Here are a few of shots from our date.

chips & salsa...superb!

what a cutie he is...boy am i blessed :)

this picture does not do our food justice.  we split the chicken fajitas...yummy!!

And for those of you who know me well enough, I always have to have a cup of black coffee...yes, even at a mexican restaurant.

well that's it for now!  I think we are both going to hit the sack early tonight--we were up early running this morning, and will do the same tomorrow morning.  Also, we are hoping to go hiking with Madie tomorrow :)


Ansley said...

Mexican food, indeed!
Good to see you guys are well! Would love to hear from you:

Michelle said...

Yes, I LOVE Mexican Food as well!! YUM!!

Michelle said...

Yes, I LOVE Mexican Food as well!! YUM!!

Ashley Davis said...

we don't eat mexican much b/c i have no self control with the chips and salsa! so yummy!