Friday, June 13, 2008


These two words perfectly describe our morning!  Let me explain...Since this week has been sooo busy, both Daniel and I were looking forward to sleeping in (i should tell you though that sleeping in to us is 8:00 but never the less "sleeping in").  Last night we both went to bed with this hope...well 5:30am rolled around and out jumped Daniel out of bed...he was ready for the day to begin!  Not wanting to wake me (yes he is so sweet) he quietly left the room and began his normal daily routine which consisted of letting Madie out to go potty.  Nothing unusual happened, she did her business and came inside with him.  

After fumbling around on the computer for a bit, Daniel turned around to see what Madie was up to and well (these were his exact words)--"she had EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA...I mean Magen I turned around and she was pooping, then when i moved her to clean up the mess she had just made, she pooped again!  Then I moved her to another room and she messed that one up too."  Up until this point I was still snoozing, but definitely woke up when Daniel began using the carpet cleaning machine.  

So that is how our morning went...exactly like we expected (btw when I asked Daniel why he woke up so early this morning, he told me that he gets so excited to spend the day with me when he knows I don't have to work that he wants to begin it as early as possible...i thought it was sweet :))

After everything was cleaned up, Daniel and I hit the gym for a good work out.  Then we decided to grab some lunch at Zoe's (of course I forgot my camera) and spend some quality time with each other chatting  and relaxing in the sun.  I must say we had a blast...I realized even today how much I love this man that God has allowed/called me into marriage with and how I love everyday we get to spend together.  From lunch we did a little of shopping here and there, and a little more. We stopped at my all time favorite (decently priced) place...TARGET!  

Finally we went home changed and headed for the finale at VBS.  We were yet again blown away by God's provisions in providing even more support to what he is calling us to!

We were trying to get a good one-armed shot...

this one is much better!!

On our way home we ordered a pizza...just got done eating it and now i'm enjoying Publix's best Birthday Cake Ice Cream while watching LOST (of course). 

That's it, i've got to get back to the show.  Peace

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deenanour said...

OH MAN! Explosive! Wow! What a day! :)