Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Lunch Dates :)

                                    (Deena, Lynn, Ashely, Theresa, & Me)
Tomorrow will be a very hard day for Daniel and I.  We have to say goodbye to 3 dear friends of ours, and the reality is, this will be goodbye for a long long time.  I can barely write these words without dripping tears from my eyes on the keyboard.  We have made many wonderful memories, and Daniel has gained a best friend for life :)  It is sad because it is the closing of one chapter, but at the same time beginning a new!  

On a "HAPPIER" note...we leave for the beach with my family on Thursday morning bright and early!  This will hopefully take our minds off of the goodbyes we just spoke of!  Spending time with family while hearing the waves crash on the shore is what i'm talking about!
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