Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Well we're back from the beach and can i just say..WE HAD A BLAST! I got slightly (ok maybe a little more than slightly) sunburned on my back and legs, but the burn has subsided and just left me peeling and constantly itching!
I must say this trip was filled with many "firsts". First time to be gone away from home on my birthday. First trip Daniel and I had gone to the beach alone. First trip to P.C. with each other. First time to take kaki & white beach pictures (thanks Ryan & Sam). First time to go on a trip with Ryan & Sam as a married couple. And many more I won't bore you with!

Here is my favorite picture from the trip:

Since being back, work has seemed to pick up both for Daniel and I. VBS is just around the corner here where I work so the preparation takes ooogles of time! Daniel has spent his days (besides recovering from a neck injury last week and a back injury yesterday) writing, editing, printing, stamping, sealing and finally mailing this months newsletters. So all those who get them keep a watch should be arriving in your mailboxes soon!

Last night we had a delightful dinner with my in-laws at Red Lobster (don't criticize until you go!) in celebration of my birthday!

Mrs. Davis also made me a birthday cake that I thoroughly enjoyed looking at and then digesting =)

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Daniel will be working for his brother doing some photography work..WHOOO!! I will be spending part of Friday and all day Saturday bridesmaid dress shopping! Then on Sunday I have 2 wedding parties to attend along with my own Birthday party thrown by my fam. AND we are speaking at a local Churches youth group Sunday night too. Busy Busy!

Today I had a delightful visit from a dear friend. I love our chats and that basically we can be "real" with one another. She has great advice and I have really learned a lot from her! We got married a week apart from each other, so basically we are in the same season of life. Today, on my lunch break we went to Old Navy where she purchased some really cute shorts for her new job. YAY =) Here is a picture of us one girls night (but not today lol)

One more thing...we leave for Minnesota a week from this coming Sunday! More packing, traveling, and touring the country..I CAN'T WAIT :0)

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