Monday, April 14, 2008

One word....DISTURBING!

So I need to begin this blog by saying it is hard to admit when you are wrong! (especially when you feel compelled to blog about it where who knows how many people read about your wrongness). So here it goes...I was wrong & Daniel was right. Ok I said it! I can only deny it for so long...until proven wrong and here is my proof that I was wrong. Wait! Maybe I should tell you what I was wrong about.

In college I was a nanny for 3.5 hrs everyday, so after I finished any homework I would turn on the TV (same time every day) and watch Oprah. I must say I got a slight addicted. Her shows are quiet intriguing...I enjoyed some of her topics that were discussed and I learned a lot about "healthy" things. Daniel told me over and over that I should not support her show...she is NOT A BELIEVER! I was conviced she was though. But once I got into the "real" world with an 8 to 5 job, I was unable to watch her show except of course maybe on a Friday when I am off (although I must say I don't remember the last Friday that I was off spending it in front of the television.)

So getting back to the main thing...we recieved an email the other day, and i have finally gotten around to reading it (or maybe i should say watching what it was about). I was completely DISTURBED...and immediately told Daniel about this. His reaction was the same except for of course throwing in there "Magen I told you this over and over. You just didn't listen to me" lol. So here it this and PLEASE, PLEASE let me know your thoughts. I must say, as I watched this, (righteous) anger began to build up inside of me! I found myself screaming at a helpless computer screen...

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Adoptd By Christ said...

Mae...I am sharing the same feelings as you right now...that is the MOST rediculous thing I have ever heard. I don't know what to say exactly...let me cool down and write more later!