Monday, April 28, 2008

On the road AGAIN..

Before I post the real reason behind writing this post, I wanted to give you a glimpse into our trip inside the Arch which we visited this morning.  I was scared (no big surprise if you know me well) and Daniel loved every minute of the thrill.  It really was neat!  Here are a few snaps from our journey to the top:

So we hit the road bright and early this morning...we thought maybe we could make good time (because we made great time yesterday).  Well...we were wrong!

We have this nifty thing that came in our car when we bought it four years ago...a GPS.  It is super nice and truly has helped us when we needed directions.  Well..lets just say it was NOT a help today.  In fact it caused us MORE DRIVING than needed today!!!
BOB (daniel named our GPS this because there is a man who gives directions and that was the first name that came to his mind) was WAY off today.  It is only suppose to be 552.82 miles from St. Louis, MO to Minneapolis, MN according to Map Quest.  (Can I interject here that my husband struggles with OCD, so before we left for our trip, we had directions from map quest, google maps, and we would rely on BOB to make sure we were heading in the right direction. =) it makes me smile!)

Getting back to the story, we got in the car ready to head for MN, typed the directions in BOB  and begin driving.  After about 5 minutes, Daniel looks down at BOB and noticed it said 668 miles to MN..."WHAT?" daniel said in a voice louder than normal.  He continued "BOB, YOU CAN'T BE RIGHT!"  Then Bob began telling us to turn left then changed his mind to right...long story, we started going the wrong (or maybe I should say LONG) way.  At this point Daniel becomes angry (just about as angry as he can get).  Then we miss another turn all the while I am trying to carry on a conversation with my mom about how our day has been with no voice (I should pause and say that i have almost completely lost my voice.  I woke up a couple of days ago with a sore throat, which has now turned into yucky snot and a rough, scratchy voice.)

Daniel getting mad at BOB!!! It was a reinactment because I was too stressed in the moment to whip out the camera and take a picture of my hubby.
We had to back track trying to get going the right way.  We ended up on a road where the speed limit was 60...yes I said 60!!!!  We were not happy to say the least.  This slowed us down even more, so we began making our own direction!
We stopped at Sonic for lunch, but had to hurry since we were WAY behind.  

Since the drive was right at 10 hrs (it was suppose to be 8 1/2) we had to keep ourselves preoccupied.  I accomplished a lot in my riding time like:



We also spent some good quality chatting about life with each other, singing as loud as we could, reading articles for our class (the whole reason why we are on this trip), answering and discussing questions about the articles, eating, holding hands, looking at the snow on the side of the road (IN LATE APRIL), making comments on Church names as we passed (wow it's amazing some things they come up with), getting lost & much more!

So, that was our day...I guess if you are still reading this then you are somewhat interested!

Its cold here, suppose to snow...I will be bundling up!

We are tired even though if you think about all we have done is ride in a car...but boy it does make one tired!  We will be heading to bed early tonight!

That's all for now...later

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