Tuesday, April 29, 2008

God's brought US this far...

What a day! My brain hurts from thinking so much about church planting. I never knew I could have so many thoughts about the subject, but as we sat in our first day of class, so many new and different concepts and ideas were put before us. It is exciting to hear but at the same time overwhelming!

God has brought us this far, and I know he will see us through this week of intense training!

Our class began this morning at 8:15 and finished up tonight at 5:00.

This evening (after class) we visited here:

We saw this sign as we walked in...I've seen it in the ham once before but thought it was pretty odd!

While cruising the MASSIVE mall, we saw a large group gathered with loud booming. As we drew closer, we found the Minnesota Vikings cheerleading tryouts. Of course I wanted to stay and watch! After a few minutes, Daniel began to enter a state of boredom to say the least. He said watching girls dance around in cheerleading outfits (if you call them that) is not his favorite thing to do. I guess he is right...he shouldn't be watching them anyways =)

In case you forgot what we look like...

Oh this has nothing to do with this post, but I found it on CNN today and thought it was HILARIOUS!

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