Saturday, March 15, 2008

Introducing our "nook"

I am sorry that is a little corny for a title, but that is honestly the first thing that popped in my mind as I sat down to write this blog. You might recall from many posts back that we have moved to our new habitat ie Daniel's parent's house. We are all settled in now and really enjoying ourselves. Can I just interject here that my mother-in-law is VERY organized and neat which makes me delighted because I am too, so we live in a house with organization :)

I will say one of my favorite things about our new place is that we have 2 sinks..yes i said more battling Daniel to brush my teeth or do my hair or makeup while being bombarded with steam from the shower, oh and my favorite--Daniel's toothpaste left in the sink bowl (the things you learn when you get married..but I would not change them for the world!) So, as we promised here are pictures of our new place.

Madie has settled in quite well too :)

I have to admit it was slightly hard moving out of our apartment for a few reasons. Daniel and I had lived there for 1 year and made many WONDERFUL memories. I was just sad because we were closing a chapter in our lives, but at the same time excited to begin a new one. Even though having your own place is great, we knew this was the step we had to take in being obedient to the call GOD has put on our lives. We are now one step closer to France, but wanting to enjoy every moment we have now with family and friends :)

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Jonathan & Kari said...

Looks great! (And about the size of our apt in france - good practice!)

Enjoy the time with family around. What a blessing before you go.