Monday, February 25, 2008

Still here

For our loyal readers out there, we are still here...we have not left you, but rather have just run into some busy times in our lives. Work for both of us has picked up, so our days are occupied by those things and our nights have been filled with moving, spending time with family, friends, madie, and doing the usual grocery shopping...and of course a little rest. We have gotten back into King Bible Club saturday mornings, which has been a real delight for both Daniel and I. Even though it takes up half of our Saturday, there is nothing else that I could imagine being better than sharing Christ with these kids, while playing games and hanging out with them!! Not to mention the smiles on their faces as we approach their trailer each Saturday morning to invite them out...priceless!

Our lives are just going to continue to be busy, but I promise either Daniel or myself will keep up with this thing...just be patient.

Daniel leaves for Colorado on Friday and I have to say I have very mixed one emotion I am so excited for him being able to spend quality time with his two best guy friends, while at the same time another emotion of sadness that we will be away from each other for 5 DAYS...the longest EVER since we have been married....I will make it though! They will have a blast.

We are still going to the beach in April for my birthday...which I am looking forward too! We are also going to Minnesota at the end of April for a week long class on Church Planting...SOO EXCITED! At the end of May we will head to the beach with my family for Memorial Day weekend (its a tradition). Lots of things coming up, but looking forward to each one of them! We will keep you posted!
I will leave you now with one of our favorite pictures of makes us laugh every time! :)


Anonymous said...

i love maddie!


the smiths said...

So glad ya'll are back!! Been missing reading your blog! :) Maddie is sooo cute!