Sunday, February 17, 2008

Needed Vacation

I have been wanting to take a vacation with Daniel for a while now, but it just seems to never work out.  We had two trips last year (both of which were not "vacation" although I had to take my vacation days at work.)  One to France...which was amazing, but we stayed at 5 different missionaries houses in which we were constantly on the go...with no time for "vacay".  The other was a trip to Chicago for a week where we went through training for TEAM.  Both of these trips were fabulous don't get me wrong, but we both came back from them overwhelmed and worn out...I think of a vacation as relaxing.   So that's three weeks right there dedicated to us preparing for the mission field where I used my vacation days at work...

Anywho,  since money does not grow on tree's in our family (meaning Daniel, myself, and Madie), then our funds are on one income is difficult!  Just as a side note...Daniel and I always kid Madie about not pulling her weight financially in our family..haha.

Ok, like I was saying, our funds are limited, but my desire to get away is still ever growing.  A dear sweet lady and her husband at our Church have a place at the beach, and just last week she offered it to Daniel and I for a week.  What...a getaway for us...for a week...7 way!  Not to mention, the days she offered us the condo/house at the beach just happen to fall on the week of my perfect is that!  Anyways, I am truly thankful for this families generosity in opening up their vacation home to Daniel and I.   We leave for 7 days at the beach on April 6th...I am counting down!  We could possibly have friends join us at the end of the week which would be super fun, but thats not set in stone yet!

I know I promised pictures of our new place, and I would take pictures now, but Daniel is in bed watching a movie so the bed is not made...I will post soon though, I promise!

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the smiths said...

Haha about Madie! You guys are too funny! That's exciting about the beach!!!!