Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gracious enough to give a sign

     This is our first display table at the Mission Conference

Throughout this whole support raising process, which some call "deputation", I have to admit that my faith has been challenged more than a few times. It is the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. To sit back and wait for God to work in peoples hearts to give to this mission He has put on our hearts. He gave us this overwhelming passion for France, for reasons that are His alone, and then says wait you can't go just yet. Wait? I would find myself asking. You mean to tell me that You gave me this passion just to make me wait.

YES!!! was His answer. Over the past month I have found the answer to why I have to wait. To put it simply. FAITH. I had none and still don't have as much faith as I would like, but this time spent support raising has grown my faith more than anything I have experienced in my life. As much as I didn't want to realize it, I have to put my FAITH in God to supply all my needs. But even after realizing this I still wasn't living it, and selfishly asked God if He would please show me something that would convince me in my selfishness and unfaithfulness that He was going to take care of me. To my surprise He did...

Through the missions conference that Magen and I went to at Southeastern Bible College this week, God showed me more than once that He had everything under control. First it was through hearing the veteran missionaries talk about how God had taken care of them. Then it was when Southeastern graciously offered to give us last nights offering for our ministry in France which totaled up to $1200. And again through a couple of people saying they wanted to support us monthly through fincances. Finally and most surprising, it was from a man I had never seen in my life came up to me with a check for $250 to support our call the France. OVERWHELMED was and is the only way I can put into words how we felt!

To write it down does not seem to do it justice to how much of God's faithfulness it showed me. It showed me what I already knew which was that God had the power to provide for my needs in anyway He sees fit. In this case it was through people I had never even laid eyes on before giving out of there own pockets to this ministry they new little about. I shouldn't have to say this but, if God has called you to something He will provide for it even if it doesn't seem possible. To put it another way He does not order what He can not pay for.


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ASIAHUS said...

great post DANIEL!
we celebrate with you!!!
He will provide!

See ya in July!
All for Him~

Dawn & Mike