Tuesday, October 17, 2006


So here is our dog Buddy...well kinda our dog see Daniel and I live with my parents right now until we move. NO it is not bad at all if you were asking yourself that. We have everything of our own except for a washer and dryer. Anyways geting back to Buddy. He is pretty much our dog since he seems to be with us all the time and we take care of him every weekend while my parents go to football games. We got him from the humaine society...he was an abused dog which makes me really unhappy. He has a great home now though. I will be sad to leave him in May because he is so special to me...Daniel says that sometimes he thinks i like Buddy more than i like him--this is not true. I would love to have a dog but we will just have to wait and see about how many expenses we have.

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KrisandChadMac said...

Buddy is SO Cute! and that definitely makes him more special because of his past circumstances! Glad he has a better home! He's Adorable!