Thursday, January 02, 2014

Twenty Fourteen!

Happy New Year!! Where in the world did 2013 go?  Most of the year I was pregnant, so I am looking forward to a year of enjoying all four of my babies and getting back in shape!  Also I am looking forward to growing as a photographer.  I have such a love for it!!!

2013 was a great year for us...

1. We technically bought our house in December of 2012 BUT didn't fully move in till January 2013 with all the painting we were doing.

2. We shot our first wedding under Magen Davis Photography in February.  I learned instantly that is my passion!!!!

3.  We found out in the middle of March that I was expecting and could not have been MORE excited.

4.  On April 2nd we got the SHOCK of our lives that we were expecting TWINS.

5.  In May we went to the beach with family and had a blast!  We also celebrated the hubs 30TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!

6.  June & July we shot more weddings and found out the twins were GIRLS!!!!

7. August continued with shooting weddings and celebrating both boys birthdays (4 & 2) with a fire truck themed party!

8. September we shot our last wedding of the year in Seaside.  We also made it our last little getaway before the babies came.

9. October we welcomed our girls and went from having two kiddos to four (whoa!).

10. November we spent with family on Thanksgiving and adjusted to being a family of SIX.

11. December we celebrated the birth of Jesus with family in town and extended family in Georgia.

HERE IS TO 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!

(pictures of the girls at 2 months)


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