Friday, May 03, 2013

Wait BABIES?????

Remember those promises in the last blog that I was back?? Yea....So here is the story...

I had been at the zoo on Friday, March 15th with some friends and I just didn't feel "right".  On my way home I stopped to get a test.  I put the boys down for a nap and then decided I would take it.  It wouldn't really be positive.  Almost immediately after taking the test I saw two SOLID lines.  And then my mind started racing.  Trying to get creative of how I would tell Daniel when he got home.  Or would I wait to go to the doctor before I tell him, etc...etc.  We are that couple that absolutely can't keep ANYthing from each other so I sent this...

He was pumped!  I was still in shock but we were excited.

We decided that we wouldn't tell anyone till 12 weeks this time (ha!)

I called and made an appointment for April 2nd. This was our third baby and I didn't want Daniel to take off work, so I told him not to worry about coming.  So that morning I dropped Eli off with a friend and Caleb and I headed to the doctor.  What seemed like the worlds longest wait with a 19 month old, we finally got back to see the doctor.  We did the whole "small talk" and then he proceed to do an ultrasound.  In the process he asked "Are y'all hoping for a girl this time?" I gave him my response as he was looking at the screen funny.  Oh gosh what was wrong with the baby??  Then with a grin he looked back at me (mind you I couldn't see the screen) and said "Well this time you have DOUBLE the chances of getting a girl!"  It didn't register with I said "What do you mean?"  He then proceeded to tell me "YOU ARE HAVING TWINS".  UHHHHH wait you HAVE to be wrong.  Not me.  Not us.  Nothing like this happens to us.  It doesn't run in our family and we weren't using fertility treatments so how in the WORLD is this possible?

He left the room and said he would come back in to discuss more.  I looked at my phone where Daniel had text me in a panic because I hadn't text him since I had been back to see the doctor.  He was worried about baby.  Was baby okay?  Then I sent him this text...

I am not even sure how we got out of the office and to the car.

We are honestly still in shock and I am 11 weeks today.

I went to the doctor this past week and babies look good.  We should know what babies are at the end of June!

I think I covered it all.

Please pray for the babies and myself!  There are SOOO many "unknowns".  We NEED it!

Hope to be to blogging more!


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Krista said...

Your text conversations are cracking me up! :) But good luck and congratulations!