Monday, February 06, 2012

The Weekend


I wish I could say our weekend was as happy and snuggly as these two look.

But sadly it wasn't. I think I lost 5lbs (and not the good way). I've been sick :( Friday at work I felt like I was coming down with something. Saturday I woke up feeling HORRIBLE. I rested most of the day but mustered up some strength to take Big Brother to a play area to burn some energy and do our usual grocery shopping. (side note--not the best time to shop. I didn't care what was going in our buggy. I was ready to get home and get some shut eye).

Saturday night I took some NyQuil right after the boys went down and I was out by 8:00pm.

Sunday Daniel (thankfully) took the boys to church while I stayed in bed ALL. DAY. Seriously I slept a ridiculous amount and went to bed last night about 8:50pm. Whatever this is, it is no fun.

I think the boys passed it to me. You know how in the previous post I thought Little Man was teething? I think he had a combination of teething and being sick because Big Brother woke up a couple of days later with fever and not feeling good.

The only healthy one is Daniel. We are hoping he stays away from whatever this yucky stuff is!

Hopefully your Monday was better than mine. I need more NyQuil and my pillow (oh and Madie who loves snuggling when I am sick. That dog stayed at my side the whole time Sunday :)).

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