Thursday, January 05, 2012

Happy 20-dozen

It's a NEW YEAR and hopefully a new start for me on blogging. I have been a little MIA, but hope to be seen more on the blogging front than the last couple of months.

LIFE: thats my only excuse for being absent. BUT the more I think about it, this is my "online scrap book" which I want to keep up. These two crazy, silly kids of ours are growing WAAAY to fast for this mommy & daddy, and there are so many precious moments we want to remember.

One (of many many) examples happened over Christmas while visiting our families. You see my immediate family has had this tradition for many years of going to the mall the day after Christmas. We are people watchers (I know shocker to all those who actually know my family :)) and actually enjoy crowds (we're husband thinks we are out of our minds ;)). I guess I should rephrase that last sentence--everyone in my immediate family enjoys crowds except my sweet Daddy. This year and last he tagged along only to push the boys around which he really enjoys. Just like last year, this was his job. Eli, Caleb and Big K were glued to each other while mom, linds, shaffer and myself were on a mission. Anyways back to the whole point of this story...Dad's pushing the boys around when he looks down through the plastic covering where he can see them. Dad see's Eli hold Caleb's sweet, soft hand. Okay that right there is just about the sweetest thing ever if I do say so. Dad said Eli was just a chatting away with Caleb. Who knows what he was telling him. Some days I wish I knew :). Then Dad see's Eli lean over and give Caleb a kiss. Such a lover our little boy is! Dad keeps pushing them and steals a glance at them again to see that sweet little Eli with his chubby finger up baby Caleb's nose. If you know Caleb he is our calm, carefree baby. Who knows how long that finger had been there, but he was tolerating it. When Dad told he this I just cracked up and then thought oh the things Caleb will endure having a big brother like Eli.

Such a fun story to remember.

So here's to the new year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family of four!


This last picture was done by a sweet friend Camille.

Stay tuned. More to come from our adventures home!

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