Monday, April 11, 2011

Random thoughts rolling around in my head....

*warning this is very random and in no specific order

I had way to much junk food today due to celebrating my birthday.

I still can't believe I am 25. That just sounds old to me (okay sorry to all those who have exceeded that age and are rolling your eyes just about now!)

Caleb is a very busy and active boy in my tummy. I feel like he is dancing in there at times.

My goal for tomorrow morning on the treadmill is 4 miles. Doesn't sound like much but that's about all I can squeeze out of this almost 21 week pregnant body of mine (and I don't have enough time to run more unfortunately).

D is super busy with school. While he was in the middle of writing one of his million papers the other night...he looked up at me and said "I can't remember what it is like coming home and not having school work to do."

I am reading through Exodus right now and really enjoying it!

I am also reading Radical by David Platt. Um yea, GREAT book!!!

I am making Eli some pretty adorable shorts right now too. Pics to come when I am done.

Heading to the beach to visit my sis and brother in law in a month and so ready!

Typing all of this on the iPad. Not the easiest thing in the world.

I am still so excited and nervous about being out numbered with all boys. I'm sure it will be fun =)

I love the age Eli is at right now. Really don't want him to grow up too quick!

And lastly I will leave you with this...

We will be cutting all our toothpaste when we can no longer squeeze anymore out. We did that tonight and discovered so much more!

Exhausted. Hitting the sac!

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