Tuesday, April 05, 2011

It's a...

BOY! (incase you haven't seen it already in other places on the internet or received a personal text/call from us). My motherly intuition was spot on again even though I had MANY people say they were for sure I was having a girl. I just had this feeling (again) deep down that there was a little boy growing in my tummy.

An unexpected 3D picture. When I was pregnant with Eli you had to pay for these things. Now (or maybe it was just at this office) you get one when you have an ultrasound.

His name will be Caleb Mark and we will call him Caleb. Daniel and I have decided (since naming Eli) that we would go with an Old Testament first name and a New Testament last name for all our children. Eli's is Elijah Luke and now we have a Caleb Mark. I know it will get a little more difficult if a girl were to come around.

We actually found out on Friday (although I am just getting around to writing about it). I woke up bright and early Friday morning ready to head on. We had an early ultrasound appointment. When the tech brought us back she was so talkative and friendly. Showing us the baby and this and that. She kept going on and on. Finally I looked at her and said "are you going to show us what we are having?" She looked at me and said "oh, if you want to know." I thought to myself...um yea...pretty much the whole reason we are here today. LOL. She then scrolled between the legs, and before she even said BOY I knew it. Daniel said he knew it too. When she did finally say boy, D and I looked at each other grinning from ear to ear. I whispered to him "you have another son" as the BIGGEST smile appeared on his face. This guy loves his little man and the thought of having 2 boys to play with is wonderful!

proof indeed it's a boy!

From there on out the appointment was pretty much a blur except the part where the doctor (who was in the room looking over my chart) turns to me and says "Are you eating? You lost a pound since your last visit" to which I started laughing. AM I EATING? Um everything in sight! I reassured her I was. She didn't seem to too worried about it.

I usually look forward to going to the doctor and hearing the heartbeat and all. Don't get me wrong because I do, but when you have a 19 month old who wants to do everything you say "no" to, well it can be annoying (can't find a better way to say that...sorry).

So there you have it! We are thrilled. I can see ourselves with a whole house full of little boys!!

In other EXCITING NEW that I have to share...our sweet little E used the potty 4 times today!!!! Daniel and I did a stupid little dance we were so happy for him (and shocked). He was pretty cute clapping his hands as we encouraged him. My little boy is growing up way too fast! :(

I have been slacking on the pics...sorry. Not feeling too flattering these days but hopefully will get one up soon. We will be half way on Friday...so hard to believe!

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Leslie said...

Congratulations again!!! And how in the world did you get him to use the potty???