Wednesday, February 09, 2011


picture taken from savorysweetlife blog

Oh y'all I typically don't share many recipes (don't know why...I should) but it is no secret I LOVE to bake! I will admit there is something baking once a week in our kitchen. Running is my way of justifying all these baked goods and keeping the weight off =) and letting my adorable and willing husband eat most of them. I find joy while i'm in the kitchen either making cookies, cakes, breads etc! So anyway...I have been on the search for an out of this world homemade chocolate chip cookie. Honestly I haven't found one. Well last night I tried my hand at one I found from a google search and well...y'all...RUN RUN to the kitchen, grab all your baking supplies and MAKE THESE COOKIES! WOW...Daniel made the comment even...they are the best homemade cookies I have had!


It is the BEST chocolate chip cookie ever!! (and super easy to make!)

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