Friday, January 14, 2011


Oh goodness the questions have just been overflowing from people about this new baby and everything that goes along with him/her. So...I thought to just answer some of the more popular ones on this thing! If you have any other just ask!

1. How far along are you? I am 8 weeks today! We went to the doctor on tuesday and both mommy and baby look great. The nurse was really impressed with my blood pressure of all things! I told her I think it's from all the running but who knows.

2. When is baby due? August 26th--Yes Eli's original due date was August 27th but then got moved to September 1st. This baby's due date was not moved so somewhere around August 26th. I will be okay if baby # 2 comes a week or two early =)

3. How far apart will Eli and baby # 2 be? Eli's birthday is August 30th and this one's due date is August 26th so just shy of 24 months!

4. How are you feeling? Oh I get this question A LOT. Honestly I am feeling good. The same way I did with Eli--tired and hungry all. the. time! I did have more time to nap with Eli so I am feeling extra tired. I also had more opportunities to exercise with Eli BUT I am still getting my run/workout in at least 3 to 4 times a week if not more.

5. Will you find out if baby is a boy or a girl? OF COURSE! I feel like you are surprised when you find out and when you wait and see at delivery. They are BOTH surprises, so why not when you get the opportunity!

6. Do you have a hunch/are you hoping for a little girl? These two questions have been asked often too. Lets see...I can only go off of experience and since I feel the same way as I did with Eli, then I am leaning toward another little boy BUT who knows! I am praying/hoping for a healthy little one no matter boy or girl. I am actually one of those mommies who would be okay if I had all little boys--not to say (so don't think I am say) that I wouldn't be perfectly happy with a little girl because I would be! (after the shock wore off of course) =)

7. How did you tell your families? Well since we found out pretty much 2 years to the day as when we found out with Eli we were pregnant, we waited till Christmas to surprise our families!

8. Where will you deliver? Well in the city we live in! I am not sure what people were expecting me to say to this, but I did get this question a few times. We will have him or her here (at a hospital =)).

9. Will you go all natural again? LORD WILLING I will. I had a great experience with Eli that I hope to have all our babies naturally. We will have to just wait till d-day!

10. Am I showing? Well from the picture below there is definitely something there. You would probably not be able to tell (I try to hid it--not because I am ashamed, but I feel like I am in that stage of it looks like I just put on a few lbs). I am still wearing my jeggings which I love, but have to unbutton the button after a meal and do the rubber band method. Geez I didn't have to do that with Eli till like 12 to 14 weeks!

Okay that should hold you over for a little while BUT if you do have a question feel free to ask. I hope to get a picture up each week or every two weeks. I really like what she does. I just need to dig up the pictures from Eli. Thanks for all the prayers and congrats! We are feeling so overjoyed with all the calls, texts, emails, fb messages etc!

Thank you Lord for this little one! We give you the glory.

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