Friday, January 28, 2011

10 weeks & HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

double digits...haha, but a looooong way to go!

Lets see. I am still feeling great for the most part. Sleeping is getting a little uncomfortable, BUT I pulled out my snoogle and it seems to be so much better! I do have some back pain but I remember about this time I had it with Eli so I find it pretty normal. I had my first "hey your poking out" today. I am really showing quicker this time around. Although I will say I only get that after I eat. So not so sure if it is baby or food =)

We go back to the doctor a week from Monday.

Tonight Daniel took me on a date (we had a gift card from Christmas). On our way home we stopped to check out double strollers and I am pretty sure Daniel had a reality check. I saw a little panic in his face as he began to realize in about 7 months we will have # 2. Don't get him wrong...he is excited, but just didn't realize all that comes with another baby.

The past couple of days I have been experiencing slight nausea throughout the day. I never had this with Eli, and I am not sure if it was baby or what's been going around. I have to say I don't know how you mommies that have it ALL. THE. TIME. do it, because the hint of it in me...I couldn't take anymore. My mom is a trooper. She was sick all 9 months with all 3 of us. WOW couldn't do that for sure!

I am still running (on the!) I look forward to warmer weather and sunshine so that I can go run outside! BUT since I can't right now in this 10, 20 30 degree weather, I will stick with the dreadmill.

Alright, what most of you came here to see...the baby growing inside:

The second picture is a result of Eli when asked the question "Where's the baby"--he points either to my stomach or his and says in the most precious little boy voice "in momma" =) melts this heart of mine!

AND of course we can't forget our "first born" girl who joined us almost 4 years ago. Life has been fun, crazy, stressful, lively and flat out enjoyable with her around! Happy 4th Birthday Madie girl and to her sister Sadie (my brother & sister-in-law's dog!) We love you =)

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