Sunday, September 19, 2010

*On the M.O.V.E*

warning: lots of pictures below with my random ramblings in between

Little man is loving to walk/run on his own.

In fact, it is becoming more difficult to get pictures of him now unless of course he is being held...which he is wanting less of these days :(.

So I need to be honest here. I {almost} lost it this morning as I dressed him for church. Putting him in those jeans made me realize he is LESS of a baby now and
MORE of a toddler. Our little guy is growing up, and as much as I want him to grow, it is breaking this mama's heart!

I mean he even has big boy shoes. But this is life.

Since we seem to have so few *family* photos because well...lets be honest...madie (our boxer) is not exactly qualified to snap a picture :), here is our best attempt.

Love this last one of my boys!

Okay not much to say here tonight BUT did want to share some recents photos. More posts to come throughout the week!



Jamie and Joy George said...

cute pic's. I actually REALLY like the one of your family. It looks like an old time photo. Cute!

Dan & Mae said...

Thanks Joy, I really like that one too =)