Thursday, September 02, 2010


I have had these two thoughts tossing around in my head for a couple of weeks. I need your help answering them!

1. Is it a southern thing to have dessert after meals? We go out with new friends up here often, or go to their houses, and after our meal it is almost like I EXPECT to have dessert. From what I can remember growing up we always did. So what do you think?

2. Okay this one might take a little more thought...I am a neat freak. Okay I said it. I like things to be cleaned and tidy. So (with the help of a friend) I started this cleaning schedule

Mopping Monday
Toilet Tuesdays
Washing Wednesdays
Saving Sundays (when I coupon..I know it's not cleaning but it fits)

**i do want to say here that when i say mopping that includes cleaning pretty much the whole kitchen. toliets means the bathroom. for instance yesterday for washing wednesday, i not only did all our laundry BUT i reorganized our closets as i put the clean clothes away.

SO any ideas for Thursday, Friday & Saturday? I am silly and want them to correlate (the first letter that is). So let all those creative juices come alive...& spill!!



JUren said...

Growing up dessert was for Sunday dinner, Holidays, potlucks and, in our house, Monday night ice cream nights.

What about:

Thoroughly vacuumed Thursdays
Feather-dusting Fridays
So I have to catch up Saturday (for the things that didn't happen earlier in the week). Not quite as cute as Mon, Tues and Wed, but a start. :-)

Anonymous said...

I like Jenn's fill in for the other days! I've fallen behind!

Growing up we had a prepared dessert about once a week. I've always enjoyed something sweet, but not always a baked good. Bob describes his family as not having dessert as part of the meal, but often they would have a few cookies with tea later in the evening.

That's our experience! :) ~Jennifer

Lane said...

I've got one for Saturday.....Sit down Saturdays! Take the day off and relax:)

Rachel said...

i live in mississippi, and if I don't have dessert I feel like my meal is not complete! :)

Ashley W said...

Tidy Thursday (Tidy/Organize all bedrooms and toys)
Dust Free Friday (dust)
Suck Up Saturday (vacuum)

I think I may copy your idea. I am getting pretty overwelmed these days trying to keep up our house.. :)