Thursday, September 09, 2010

Give your kid an oreo...

and see what happens. mine loved it!

Why are you looking at me like that mommy?

So curious of this delightful treat!

He's a genius! Saying Oreo and all ;)

I think in this last one he is saying "Thank You Mommy!!" (or at least I can dream a little right?!)

No I don't do this every day or even often for that matter. BUT I had the urge today. Honestly I can't believe I actually gave him one because of his behavior. That boy is picking up on things too well these days (this is a good thing, but in our situation it is not). You see when we are at dinner and food is dropped on the floor or we are done eating, we will occasionally give Madie (our boxer) what hasn't been eaten. Our little stinker now wants to give her ALL his food. He thinks its funny/a game. WE on the other hand do not.

He also has this thing with throwing his sippy cup once he's done taking a sip. Today we were at Target and he flung it across the store. I was not only a little annoyed but EWWW the floors are most likely filled with germs from all those shoes touching it.

Okay off of my soap box.

E-man takes after his daddy liking those oreo cookies. When it was all done he fussed because he wanted another.



hollydoodle00 said...

Zoë loves her some Oreos as well!! We also have the same "problem" with Zoë trying to feed Jessie when she thinks she is done. She is learning now, but man oh man, it took some work to remind her that she can't feed Jessie her food.

You've got yourself a little cutie!

Davis said...

Oh so glad to hear he is not the only one ;). I guess we will have to keep telling him "no" until he understands.

Thanks! We think he's a keeper!!