Thursday, June 24, 2010

love like crazy

my sister sent me a text today saying "have you heard the country song Crazy? That should be yours and Dan's theme song :-) I love it!" I hadn't really heard the song but looked it up, and well...i have to agree with her (with some modifications like being married 58 years...although i do look forward to that one day :)...and getting rich off microsoft).

do you have a song that somewhat explains your story? I would LOVE to hear about it :)


The Buchanan Family said...

I love that song! So much meaning in it!

Kari and Jordan said...

yeah, we have a song that describes mine and jordan's relationship perfectly. Jordan always tells me when he hears it, it reminds him immediately of us. It's a country song called "Livin Our Love Song" by Jason Michael Carroll. Jordan and i are so different in every way, and this song basically says that we are living our love song in spite of what people say about our differences. Anyways, just wanted to share, but I absolutely love the song "Love Like Crazy"!!! I always turn it up in the car when it comes on the radio, and that song is so perfect for you and dan:)