Saturday, March 27, 2010

REIing it...

we were up and at 'em early this morning (but i guess not early enough), threw on some clothes, ate breakfast, grabbed the kid & headed out the door and into the car to REI. Eli ate his breakfast on the way. Before we even pulled up, we knew we should have gotten a move on things earlier :(. We were 45 mins early but still...really? So REI was having their garage sale (for members...totally worth it) where their returned items are 40 to 80 % off.

We pulled up and daniel bolted out the door to hop in line, while eli and i made our way (as quick as we could). It was chilly out there!

what we were greeted with...a long line :(

standing in the cold attempting a family photo (which doesn't happen very often any more!)

still waiting...we were moving though. about to walk through the doors!
thankfully that line got in very quick. basically they gave you a ticket and let you roam around their store (probably so you would find something else you liked and would buy it too...pretty cleaver!) until your time was called. we were in the 8:30 group. there was an 8:00 group & an 8:15 group ahead of us. when your time was called you raced to the line. then they would show you to their warehouse. you had exactly 15 minutes to find what you wanted to purchase & get out! we were told by a lady in line to just grab things that you might want, take them out and then try them on. if you didn't end up purchasing them you could put them in the bend where they would then reshelve them in the warehouse.

they called our time (finally!) we sprinted toward the door, got inside & began felt like total chaos. things had definitely been picked over, but we ended up with a few good finds!

we purchased 2 pairs of shoes for daniel--side note: you see daniel has BIG feet...size 14 to 15 (depending on the shoe) so any time we find something that fits and he likes i am okay with buying them because most stores don't carry his size. and back to what i was saying... I couldn't believe we found 2 pair (boots & sandals) in his size. I got some UGG's and then we also purchased a sweet water bottle. We were very pleased with our outcome. what's funny is we went in look for running stuff but they really didn't have any worth getting. i also found 2 pair of adorable shoes for eli we decided not to get because well...they were definitely worn (not just once but almost worn out). sorry eli...we still love you :)

after our trip to REI we headed home, cleaned & stuffed easter eggs for the children at church & the headed off for our run!


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