Sunday, February 21, 2010

our finds

so i have been a wee bit busy this week with many different things and haven't had that much time to search all the great deals out there.  BUT in saying that, both my boys and myself headed out to cvs & walgreens tonight, and i must say we got some pretty sweet deals!

lets see...i didn't get around to taking individual pictures tonight (sorry) but i will share what i got at each store.

2 cans of peanuts
4 boxes cheereos
1 colgate tooth past

paid: .70
got back $2.00 in ecb's
saved: $34.63

2 boxes frosted mini wheats
10 jars of baby food (carrots because those are the only things i don't make for eli)
4 bags of pieces candy
4 ghirardelli chocolate bars
1 mitchum deo.
2 right guad deo.
1 excedrin extra strength

paid: $5.58
got back $5.00 in RR
saved: $56.60

TOTAL for the night : $6.28 oop (out of pocket)
got back in ecb's & rr: $7.00
saved: $91.23

I am headed out to target sometime this week to stock up on diapers because there are great deals on them again!!

**the couponing blog is REALLY coming...i have just been so so so busy the last week.  sorry :(**


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