Sunday, October 18, 2009

motherhood & beyond...

I think i am slowly, let me say that again SLOWLY learning this mom thing & somewhat getting it together as of late. I have done a lot of babysitting over the years and thought i knew what i was doing. ha ha. what did i know. i knew how to take care of a baby for a limited time and then i would give him or her back to the parents. it's totally different when it is your own. i have finally figured out how to store up milk to free up some of my time (aka...i can get out of the house and don't have to basically set my watch to get home in an hour or so). i know i still have so much to learn, but i do feel like i am getting it together better.
Have i told you I LOVE being a mommy! It is a WONDERFUL thing to just hold, kiss, & squeeze your baby. God is so good and i feel undeserving of this precious little boy.

My gorgeous sister became a Mrs. this weekend. OH and can i just say the wedding & reception was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Her reception was at the neatest art gallery. (i am secretly jealous i didn't have ours there :)). Now Bradford & Leslie are enjoying themselves in Bermuda for a week.

Daniel, Eli, & I will be heading to Chicago in two weeks. we will be seeing our possible condo, visiting friends we have up there, & just hanging out in one of the coolest cities!

We can't believe our move from the South to the North is in a little over 2 months! Yikes i have a lot of packing. We are REALLY looking forward to what the Lord has in store :)

Eli was 7 weeks yesterday! He has become so much fun (not that he wasn't before but you know what i mean..i hope) He is smiling so much and cooing...oh cooing i LOVE it! i seriously could stare at him all day. i think i am a little obsessed!

And last i wanted to say that i will be working harder at keeping this thing updated. Life has been a bit crazy, but i want to keep all you folks informed as we begin this new chapter in our lives.



Dana said...

I know you think that you don't look like your sister, but there are a couple of pictures of her that look just like you! You guys have fun in Chicago, be sure to pack warm clothes!

Ellen said...

Thank you for finally making sure you keep it update... I was beginning to wonder ;)