Friday, September 04, 2009

who knew?

when i secretly hoped and prayed that Eli would look just like daniel that well...he just might! so many people have asked who we think he looks like, so we dug up one of daniel's old baby pictures and well i will let you make that call. I personally think he looks just like him!
Daniel a few days old
Eli 5 days old

on another note...
today we ventured out for the first time. not too far. just to the local park. I am not 100% and won't be for a little bit, but i did feel like getting out and walking (at a snails pace). Eli had his first rid in his sweet BOB! He really seemed to enjoy his outing (it was nap time so i think he enjoys anything at nap time :)). I foresee many rides as i hope to get back to running when i am fully recovered!

I promise to put up my "labor story" for all those who have asked...but now i need a nap!

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Dana said...

I have been checking every day, hoping to see more pictures and hear more about all that happened! Get some sleep, it's important. You look great, by the way!