Thursday, July 16, 2009

Updates updates!!

We had our first baby shower this past weekend & got SOOO many wonderful gifts! We both feel very blessed. The baby tea was just perfect & I could not have asked for more :)! We have our next shower (which is a couples shower) a week from Sunday!!!

I am leaving for the beach tomorrow. This is my last trip because I will be 34 weeks next week & your not suppose to travel after that. I'm pretty excited about the beach even if I do look huge :)

We went to the doctor yesterday & both Eli and I are doing great! He is measuring a week big now. Not sure how big they "predict" him to be. I think that is at our next appointment at 35 weeks!! I am feeling VERY pregnant these days & know I will only get bigger! As of yesterday I have gained 16 lbs according to the doctor (but more like 23 according to me :))! I'm not gonna lie I am REALLY looking forward to the challenge of getting this weight off. I feel pretty motivated since my sisters wedding is 6 1/2 weeks after little Eli's due date! We shall see though...

I'm still running almost 3 miles every other day & then swimming or biking the days in between. I had a little accident this past week so I am now restricted to running on the tredmill. Not ideal for me but my balance is getting worse so it's for the best. And yes all you out there asking yourself if it is ok for me to still be running...we yet again asked the doctor yesterday was reassured that as long as I am not in pain then it is perfectly fine for me & Eli!

We have completed 2 out of 4 of our birthing classes. I honestly have enjoyed going & learning about labor & the whole process. I feel like I can better grasp what is going to take place. I however did not enjoy learning about csections (no fun)! But I guess we do need to be educated just in case. We are also going to attend a class on nursing & natural birth since YES I do plan to go naturally despite all the nose turns I have gotten from people. We shall see how that goes :)
ok I think that's all! Will post pics soon


Shelbie and Aaron Rose said...

I am so sad I missed the shower, but you just looked adorable! I think it is wonderful that you are going to try your hardest to have a natural labor! I give you all of my support, and hopefully next year I will be calling you to get motivated to do it! Love ya!

kelliomorton said...

If anyone can go natural, it's you! You are still running at 33 weeks for pete's all about mind over matter. I think you have that down pat!