Sunday, July 05, 2009

4th of July

We had a busy weekend that was spent with family & friends :)
Friday...well I got my hair all chopped off. This was actually NOT my idea at all but rather my sweet husbands. He convinced me...wasn't very just get it ALL cut off. He was so cute. My appointment wasn't till 2:30 but all through out the day he would tell me that he was excited I was getting my hair cut. He was so giddy at the hair salon...he sat there patiently waiting, studying Greek while the lady began to do her thing on my hair chopping off 7 inches. He would peek around every so often and smile at me while she cut away :) Man I love this guy! When she was done...a huge grin came over his face, and he couldn't help but stare at me the rest of the day. I think he REALLY likes it!! I like it too :)
Saturday we went to the lake with my family & of course the puppies were there. case you don't know who the "puppies" are..well our dog Madie has a sister Sadie (who my brother & sister-in-law own). Miss Sadie just recently had 5 puppies & here they are...
Una (the oldest) a girl
Darling (the smallest) a girl
Minnie Me (she look just like Sadie) a girl
Prince (the only boy!)
Miss Piggy (she eats ALL the food) a girl

then we headed back home to have dinner with Daniel's family. After that we headed to my parents to watch the fireworks since they have a really great view from their back porch.
our precious niece Mia
Andrew (Daniel's brother) Jen-Yu & Mia
(here i am at 31.5 weeks)
All in all it was a great weekend!
We have yet another fun filled week ahead..
Tuesday night we start our pregnancy classes (not sure what the technical name is) & then on Saturday is my first baby shower!!!! Pretty exciting stuff. That's all for now...


Servants said...

Cute haircut! I have wonderful memories of my first baby shower, it will be so much fun. We just finished language acquisition school and are in phasefour. It would have been fun to share it with you guys, but I guess we'll wait till France to hang out (with little Elijah, too!).

Servants said...

Oops, evidentally I left a comment under Ryan's ID. He's so spiritual. :) -Dana

Leann said...

Love the haircut Magen!

Julia K. Denson said...

Prince looks just like Bosley! What precious puppies.