Wednesday, July 08, 2009

32 week

meaning Elijah's due date is 8 weeks away (and he could be here sooner). Right now i have so many emotions that it's hard to even put into words. I am so eager to see this little guy and to hold him while at the exact same time not ready AT ALL for him to be out of my stomach.
as the big day draws near, i find myself asking so many questions. will i be a good mother? will i know what to do to take care of this precious gift from the Lord? will i be able to make it through labor? how will i know i'm going into labor? will my water break? will this little boy look like daniel or myself...or i guess neither of us? will he be healthy & happy? and so on... i have so many questions and i have to patiently wait for the answers.

i know i already love him & i haven't even seen him face to face. I love feeling his movements (even when i'm trying to sleep). Daniel & I seem to always be guessing what part of the body is protruding from my stomach. I think our son likes to have his bottom up in the air (or at least that is what we think it is :)).

These days i'm definitely feeling pregnant. I think it is pretty humorous for daniel as i make so many sounds just trying to get out of bed. Hey you try to get out of your snoogle while your bladder is so full & your 7 1/2 months pregnant. My abs are definitely shot but it's worth it :). I do feel like a beached whale at times. Oh some of you have asked to see the snoogle so here is a pic i pulled from the Internet. most nights i like it...

Eli has hiccups pretty much on a daily basis.

my first baby shower is on Saturday!

last night we started our pregnancy classes. i think it is making it so real...not so far off. we watched the labor video...WOW! on our way home my sweet husband said "we need to get our bags packed". I smiled and said...honey we still have time. :)


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Jamie and Joy George said...

even though I'm no longer prego, I think I want one of those body pillows. ;) it looks SO comfy.

If Eli has hiccups a lot now, you can count on him having them a lot when he's out. Typically the only way for him to get rid of them is to cry them off. It stinks when you've almost got him to sleep, you lay him down, then he starts hiccuping. :( No fun.

can't believe you're so close. all of those questions are normal to have. But when you meet Eli and hold him for the first time, you won't even think twice about thinking all of that. :) it's gonna be great!